26 ago 2007

TR risponde

Some of you have wondered how we perform "me, i'm not" and "the great destroyer" live. I have a MacBook running Ableton Live and I trigger loops, treat the loops, trigger video and play various virtual synths. Alessandro is treating various parts I send to him as well as my vocals and he manipulates the video I trigger. Aaron is playing slide guitar, electric guitar (processed by me) and also manipulates his own parts (that sounds dirty!)
All of this is live and can be extended or improvised as we see fit.

Festival sets / production:
Sometimes we can't use various aspects of our production due to staging limitations. Set lengths are NOT up to us - they are determined by the various festivals. Sometimes festivals are great for us, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes great festivals are marred by us being booked in the wrong slots. Sorry about this when it happens.

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