5 ago 2007

Helsinki, 05 agosto

Concerto in Finlandia per i NIN al "Ankkarock Festival"...nuovo look per la band di Reznor in stile Year Zero; la scaletta del concerto la trovate come sempre nei commenti !

Photo by Erica.

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Dzn ha detto...

01 Hyperpower!
02 The Beginning of the End
03 Sin
04 March of the Pigs
05 Closer
06 Survivalism
07 Gave Up
08 Me, I'm Not
09 The Great Destroyer
10 Eraser
11 Only
12 Wish
13 The Good Soldier
14 Dead Souls
15 The Hand That Feeds
16 Head Like a Hole
17 Hurt

Erica ha detto...

That pic with Trent and Aaron is my pic!

dzn ha detto...

Ok,thanx erica, i'll update with your credit!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Nice :D

May I just ask, how did you find that pic of mine? I'm interested.


dzn ha detto...

Mmmm, can't remember...anyway around the web!!!