19 mag 2009


Ottima scaletta a Las vegas con 19 pezzi suonati tra cui "The Big Come Down" e "The Day The World Went Away "

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dzn ha detto...

18.05.2009 - Las Vegas, NV [The Pearl]

01. Somewhat Damaged
02. Terrible Lie
03. Heresy
04. March Of The Pigs
05. The Frail
06. Piggy
07. Metal
08. The Big Come Down
09. Gave Up
10. The Fragile
11. I Do Not Want This
12. The Downward Spiral
13. Wish
14. Survivalism
15. The Day The World Went Away
16. Physical (You're So)
17. The Hand That Feeds
18. Head Like A Hole
19. Hurt

The HardWired ha detto...

Io aggiungere ancora Head Down, Big Man With A Gun, No,You Don't e Capital G... così sarebbe una scaletta perfetta.. e al posto di Hurt metterei Non-Entity...
Sogna caro sogna...