11 apr 2008

Ecco l'intervista con Rich Fownes !!!!!

Ok, questa e' l'intervista a Rich Fownes, nuovo bassista dei NIN effettuata in esclusiva per questo blog, date le numerose richieste eccola direttamente in inglese!!!! Un sentito ringraziamento a Rich per la sua enorme disponibilita'...good luck, Rich!!

1) Can you tell us more about yourself? Where are you from? Past activities? Musical background?

Grew up in london, but moved to Brighton to find musicians to play with. Started With Scissors and joined 80s matchbox. Then got a gig playing with UNKLE live. Musically I'm into anything that catches me offguard for the most part. But I love punk weirdness.

2) How did you meet NIN/Reznor for the first time? Did you ever see them playing live?

Yeah I'd seen them play around a few festivals on my travels, but I met Trent and the band at Tel Aviv when UNKLE supported them.

3) How did you became involved with NIN for a possible inclusion in their line up?

um Trents manager asked if I was interested and I said yeah..too simple an answer?

4) Can you tell us more about your audition? It was with the whole band or just with Reznor?

They invited me to hang out, the first audition day I went to the studio and jammed along with some tracks infront of Trent Allessandro and Atticus, that went well so the next day we went to the studio to jam it out properly. When Josh is drumming next to you everyones vibe and energy seems to naturally peak and everyone had a pretty kick-ass time.

5) Are you gonna play only bass or guitar too?

both yeah

6) Have you start rehearsing for the new upcoming tour dates?

Not yet formally

Which are the songs that you prefer to play?

anything really, I guess from a performers perspective, those with more space give you
more freedom, musically and onstage.

7) Are you familiar with that kind of industrial-rock-electronica sound ?

I'm not sure if I totally understand the question, but yeah...we got on really well talking about sounds and pedals

8) Is there any change from the past rock oriented NIN live band incarnation to this new line up?

wait and see!..

9) Which are your favaourite NIN records/songs?

March of the pigs, collector, wish, hurt, mr self destruct, survivalism are probably my favourite songs, plus I really liked ghosts, the guitar is pretty demented on that record

10) Can you tell us more about the new NIN sound live with this line up?

wait and see!..

11) How are you feeling to be part of the NIN crew?

Fucking crazy, it's not the sort of thing you can prepare for. Especially if you're an
English 24 year old, didn't really see that one coming!..

12) Anything you want to add to our readers.......

listen to Daughters and watch John Candy

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wait and see!...FAMTAstico

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